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NW Africa Expedition  -  Morocco, Western Sahara  &  Mauritania  -  12 Jan to 18 Mar '07

Our NW Africa expedition opened our eyes, expanded our horizons and fuelled our wanderlust. It was a great experience with lots of highlights. There were also a few ‘lows’ it has to be said, e.g. being asked to move on, from one wild camp, by the Army. We were on a deserted beach on the Northern coast of Morocco. It was about 8 p.m. and already dark. Soldiers waited a few yards away, clutching their automatic weapons, watching intently as we packed up. There were no camp sites anywhere nearby. In the darkness we navigated our way along a narrow, precarious mountain road realising there was no hope of finding an alternative place to wild camp. Tired, and desperate to find somewhere to rest for the night, we came to a village and spoke to some of the local men. The manager of the village petrol station (which had an adjacent café with parking places next to the road) allowed us to park there for the night. It certainly wasn't the most picturesque place to camp but, despite an early morning awakening to the sound of lorries, we had a good night’s sleep. 

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