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Good Friday - 06/04/12

Posted by cameladventures on April 6, 2012 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)


As you can see (above) dogs aren't the only guests at Valhalla Farm at the moment.
We have some woolly residents too.
Fred (our neighbour) has his sheep and lambs grazing our land. 
So, Darren's hard work with fencing off  2 or 3 acres of 'garden' was worth it not only to keep dogs in but also to keep sheep out.

It's great for all concerned actually  -  neighbours working together  -  Fred gets to keep his huge field free for hay and use his other land plus ours for grazing (the sheep graze out fields quite quickly and have to be moved often so the grass can grow back).  In return, we get our grass kept down so that we can use it for the dogs, when the sheep are elsewhere, plus some free fresh lamb meat. 

Though they can see through the fence, the dogs have been fine whilst in the garden, they're so busy playing ball with us and/or running around with eachother they pay no attention to the sheep at all.

With thoughts of fresh lamb and roast dinners put aside for the moment, I must say lambs are very, very cute :)   They are as playful and funny to watch as puppies.





March 30th - Baking Day!

Posted by cameladventures on March 30, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I had my first attempt at making hot cross buns  -  yes, me... baking! And no, I'm not ill nor has my body been taken over by aliens!
I saw a recipe in a magazine and decided to give it a go.
There are quite a few phases to making hot cross buns and three separate stages where you need to leave the dough to rise. So, it takes quite some time.
During the "rising" stages I managed to get some chores done, make some cheese & onion bread and peel some potatoes for hubby who was making a fish pie for lunch.
Honestly, it was "Mr & Mrs Ramsey eat your hearts out" in our kitchen today!!!

Actually, this baking lark is quite therapeutic. I really enjoyed it.  I had music playing in the kitchen and I sang along and jigged as I baked.
In case you're wondering what "jigged" means, it's kind of like dancing but while stuck in one position and kneading dough at the same time.
Imagine John Travolta in a straight jacket and you'll be there.

Anyway, the fish pie was particularly delicious and my buns weren't half bad either.
I let Darren taste one first and when he gave the thumbs-up I knew I was onto a winner so I took a bite too.  Mmmmmmmm.... yeah, just call me Domestic Goddess!

I shall put a photo of the first batch below.
And, before you say anything, I know what you're gonna think...
I didn't quite manage the "equal sizes" thing that the recipe suggested, and they're not pretty. Plus, you can't always make out the 'X's so they're more like just hot buns.
I'd like to say the second batch came out looking better but if I did, I'd be lying.
What the heck, we can't always get perfection first time round can we? And, the main thing is, they taste great!


My baking antics, along with playing with dogs, etc. did take up the whole day though.
So, no gardening done after all.
Ah well, tomorrow is another day  :)

March 29th

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Spring has arrived in La Creuse... Hoorah!
The sun has been shining, it's T-Shirts and shorts weather and all is well with the world. Well, this particular part of the world anyway.
What better time to start my 2012 blog?...

We have been busy fencing  -  yes, yet more fencing (I bet you didn't believe me, a few years back, when I said the job of fencing would be neverending)  -  and clearing the orchard/pig enclosure.
The winter winds took their toll on a few of our apple trees which were uprooted and left laying on the ground looking sorry for themselves. 
Sad, but on the plus side we do have a stock of chopped up wood ready for next winter.


From the trees that are left, there will still be heaps of apples this autumn, I'm sure.
After last year's experience I don't think I will be attempting to make spicy apple chutney again.  (Darren will be relieved!)
I think, this year, I will try my hand at some home-made cider.

We have fenced a huge enclosure which will be for chickens and ducks,  hopefully within the next couple of months.


I do miss having chickens and free range eggs.
And, I just like ducks. They always make me smile. It will be great to have free range duck eggs too (and that means I shall be doing more baking...don't tell Darren that bit though because he'll be scared!)


Even when I am not actually in the pens with them, I shall be able to watch the pigs, chickens and ducks while sitting in the shade of the gazebo...


The front of the house is looking a bit bleak as all last year's flowers died.
Green-fingered I am NOT!
I had considered buying artificial flowers for this year.  But, not wanting to admit defeat just yet I bought some bulbs today. Tomorrow I shall weed, clear out all my pots and then plant said bulbs and...  pray!   (OK, I mean water, feed and pray!)


Posted by cameladventures on February 16, 2012 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (3)

Test Blog.

More to come!