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I knew we should have built an ark

Posted by cameladventures on May 21, 2013 at 11:05 AM


I don't care what the weather man says
If the weather man says it's raining
What's the use complaining?
..... La de daa de daa.....

Sorry, just trying to cheer things up a bit with a song because the grey sky and pouring rain are making the world outside my window look blummin' miserable!
     Apart from the odd dry, sunny day here and there it has been cold and raining almost continuously for about two months.  Yuch!
     The grass is growing like crazy but it never stays dry long enough to keep on top of all the cutting and strimming.  So, we recently enlisted the help of Fred's young sheep


The pigs ignored their visitors from the start but the birds had quite a shock and kept a wary distance at first.  However, they soon got used to having their new friends around and all was peaceful and calm in the poultry paddock once again.



Some happy spring news:  Beatrix hatched six chicks.  They're all chubby and healthy and sooooo very cute








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