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In September we will be competing in the Landy Rally, starting in Calais and travelling through France, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. All competitors will be raising money for their chosen charity. We will be supporting Farm Africa (for more information on our charity fund raising please go to the charity page).

In addition to the driving/navigating, the event will involve daily treasure hunt-type tasks for competitors to complete in order to gain points. For more information about this event please visit www.landyrally.com  

The Rally runs from 15th to 21st September 2007. On completion we will update this website with news and highlights from what promises to be a hectic but fun and enjoyable competition which will raise a lot of money for charities throughout the UK and the rest of the world.


Saturday 15th September (DAY 1)
France (Start at Calais), Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany

Sunday 16th September (DAY 2)
Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France

Monday 17th September (DAY 3)
Val d’Isére, France

Tuesday 18th September (DAY 4)
France, Italy, Andorra

Wednesday 19th September (DAY 5)
Andorra, Spain - Greenlaning route

Thursday 20th September (DAY 6)
Spain, France

Friday 21st September (DAY 7)
France (Finish at Calais)


Unfortunately I was unable to join Darren as his co-driver on the Landy Rally. Our house sale and move to France came just before the start of the event. Luckily there was a willing and very able volunteer ready to step into the breach and Mel Fletcher took over as co-driver.

Covering eight countries in seven days was no easy task. The sheer number of miles that had to be covered made for long and tiring days on the road, some days this meant travelling for up to twelve hours before pitching camp for the night. So, a real 'marathon' charity event.

Despite the hard slog the rally was enjoyable and wasn't without some fun along the way. There were some rather interesting challenges as well as the driving and navigating. Observation skills were tested, creativity in the form of model-making and also downright impertinence!

Each team built a model of their vehicle out of things collected along the way. (When/how they found the time I don't know!) One daily task was to be photographed with a police officer in each and every country. If the competitors were handcuffed by said police officer so much the better - more points. But, Darren and Mel went to even further extremes and got themselves 'banged up' - quite literally - and there are photographs of them in a police cell to prove it.

The rally was a great success with all teams raising a lot of money for charity. And, as a bonus, Team Camel Adventures finished in second place behind our good friends, the winning Team Sparks Will Fly. So, Congratulations to Sparky, Mandy, Darren, Mel and indeed, to all those who took part.




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